Module 4 - Work in Your Money Ecosystem

Module 4 

Lesson 1: Navigating the Money Map

We have created a Google Folder for you and you will have the newest updated Money Map in that folder. Watch this video so you can learn how to navigate your MONEY MAP.

I put this video here so that Module 3 was not too overwhelming. You may want to go back to Module 3 and read your checklist after you watch this video.

These videos may need to be watched a couple of times so that you get more and more comfortable with the information.

Take the first step and start to fill out the NETWORTH INPUTS SHEET and then moved towards the SAVING AND SPENDING SHEET. Your coaches will guide you in this process.

Lesson 2: Credit Score

Your credit score is like your financial report card. Part of your homework this week is to find out what your credit score is. Equifax and Experian are two reputable companies where you can get your credit score and your credit report for free and it does not affect your credit score. 

NOTE: if they ask for you to pay you are on the wrong page. If you pay and want to cancel after they make it difficult so I suggest that you search a little deeper on the site for free credit scores. Here is another link if you get lost.

(North America)

EQUIFAX - This link is for Canada but just change the country at the top right of the site for USA.


It should be a common practice to check your credit score at least once a year. Identity theft and errors with various lenders are becoming more and more common. You need to be in charge of your financial score. This will dramatically affect your ability to get a low-interest mortgage, car loans and credit cards in the future. 


Once you have your credit score, please share it with your coaches.

Lesson 3: Are Your Housing Costs 35% of your income?

Note if the distribution of your income is within these guidelines.

Lesson 4: Why Embodiment? 

As you work on your Money Ecosystem, I want you to continue to pay attention to your body and how you feel throughout the whole process. 

Lesson 5: Centering Practice

A short meditation that you can do numerous times throughout the day.

Lesson 6: Financial Literacy School - Module 3

This module is meant to highlight where you are financially right now. It may bring up a lot of stuff for you, but continue to listen to the hypnotherapy tracks and do the Centering Meditation.

As you work on your Money Ecosystem, I want you to continue to pay attention to your body and how you feel throughout the whole process. 

✓ Login in to the Financial Literacy School and watch Module 3.

✓ Download the "My Enriched" app onto your phone (Play Store or Apple Store).

✓ Get your magic number from the "My Enriched" app. If there are feelings that come up when you look at this number, listen to the Centering Meditation. We will continue to strengthen your ability to thrive. When you know where you are and where you want to go, it is easier to make a plan to get there. 

✓ ​Explore the Net Worth and the Student Loan Calculator. These are numbers you need to keep track of. Be aware of the various student loan interest rates and the problems related to defaulting on your student loans. (Only if this applies to you.)

Lesson 7: Hypnotherapy: Confidence and Trust

This Hypno session is great when you are feeling wobbly and out of sorts. If you need a good pep talk, take some time out and allow this track to seep into the subconscious. It will elevate your sense of confidence and trust in yourself. 

MP3 Downloadable Link

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