Module 3 - Create Your Money Ecosystem

Module 3 

Create a framework that will support the ebbs and flows of life and have it run automatically.

NOTE: You don't have to do a module in the Enriched Academy this week. This week you will focus on your own numbers.

Lesson 1: Google Drive

For those of you that have never explored google drive don't worry. Here is your first dip into an organized and easy way for us to work together. Take your time... breath... and be open to learning. You got THIS and we got you.

Lesson 2 : The Money Ecosystem

Take a moment and book time off in your calendar over the next two weeks to really begin this process. Once you submit your Money Map everything begins to come together. Don't wait! It doesn't have to be perfect. You got this!

➙ This video gives you one way to look at your Money Ecosystem. It is through the story of Vivian the Massage Therapist. We all look at money differently. Some of us are emotionally centered and story is the easiest way to learn.

➙ The image below will create a visual map of your Money Ecosystem. It is the framework that you will be creating as we move forward. 

➙ The Money Map (in your shared Google Drive Folder) will be your spreadsheet where you enter all the financial information that you can gather. This third document will be the place that all your numbers will be reviewed and edited as we continue through the program. Our Team will have already shared with you a Google Folder in Google Drive where the newest Money Map Excel sheet will live.

Check List for Setting Up Your Money Ecosystem

This is not a linear process. You may hit roadblocks along the way. Banks may make it difficult for you to take charge of how you move and arrange your money. Take a deep breath and know that we are working in a system that is slow to change. You are no longer giving your power over to the institutions that run the show. You are the leader of your money and you can do this. Trust me, once this is set up you will thank me and the magic will start to happen.

This whole process will take 7-10 weeks to finish. You don't have to do everything all at once. Nevertheless, you can begin the process below now.

(1st and 2nd steps can happen at the same time.)

The video to understand how the Money Map document in your Google Folder works is in Module 4.

CHECKLIST FOR Money Ecosystem.pdf

Lesson 3 : Emotional Intelligence

It's important to have both Emotional Literacy and Financial Literacy in equal measure

Nine Families of Emotions PDF


Happy includes:

 Delighted, Blissful, Excited, Enthusiastic, Glad, Gleeful, Joyful and Grateful.

Sad includes: 

Disheartened, Down, Gloomy, Discouraged, Grieving, Hurt, Lonely and Melancholy. 

Angry includes:

 Bitter, Agitated, Enraged, Exasperated, Furious, Resentful, Mad, and Irritated.

Afraid includes: 

Anxious, Fearful, Horrified, Nervous, Scared, Panicked, Shaky and Terrified.

Playful includes: 

Childlike, Adventurous, Creative, Light-hearted, Free, Lively, Spontaneous and Whimsical.

 Loving includes:

Affectionate, Compassionate, Kind, Friendly, Nurturing, Trusting, Tender and Warm.

Confused includes: 

Ambivalent, Bewildered, Hesitant, Perplexed, Conflicted, Torn, Uneasy and Troubled.

Depressed includes: 

Dejected, Burnt-out, Helpless, Despondent, Hopeless, Worn, Withdrawn and Listless.

Peaceful includes:

 Contented, Calm, Quiet, Relaxed, Satisfied, Serene and Tranquil.

87 Human Emotions and Experiences

from Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown


Lesson 4 : Hypnotherapy: Overcoming the Money Fog

This hypnotherapy track is very important for you to be listening to when you are feeling overwhelmed with having to approach your numbers. If you are experiencing resistance to doing your Money Map or learning more in the Enriched Academy, listen to this track—every day if need be. 

MP3 Downloadable Link

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