Module 2 - Strengthen Your Relationship With Money

Lesson 1: Write a Letter to Money

Dear Money​ - Talk to money as if it was a person. How do you feel about it? Tell money what you think of it. 

Dear xxxx - Now you become money. Have money write a letter to you. Let it express how it feels and experiences you.

Share - If you are comfortable sharing your letters, post them in the Facebook group. 

Example Letters

Dear Money,

I feel like I have to work so hard for you and you only dribble into my life. Sometimes when I pray or meditate because I want to go somewhere and have something you will come in and just allow me to do that.

I am grateful for that. But I can’t depend on you. I would like there to be more flow, more ease. You make my stomach tighten every time I think of you. I judge you. I think you are only there for other people and not me. Kind of like I am not a good enough person for you to show up fully. I need to be a better person. 

Sometimes it feels like you are trapped somewhere and if I just knew how to open the door for you to get out, it would be all better. Now that I think about it more, I have the key and I won’t let you in. Maybe it is because if I let you in I would have to change. I would have to work harder and I don’t have enough energy to do that right now. I know that sounds crazy because if you arrived maybe I wouldn’t have to work more.

You make me angry sometimes. I just don’t understand you and I can’t stay present for you. You are too big of an energy and you blow my circuits at times. I just want to be able to handle you. I want to be a better person with you. I just don’t know how.


Dear Brenda,

I sometimes feel like you ignore me and feel like I am a burden in your life. When I come to you and offer support you spend me and give me away. 

I know that you don’t really understand me and I have a lot of complicated pieces around me. But I want to teach you about me I want for us to get to know each other. It feels like we speak different languages and you don’t understand what I am trying to say to you but you pretend that you do. 

I don’t think we can ever have a closer relationship unless you start to learn my language. I don’t really have the capacity right now to understand your language but I want to. You have to teach me. When you get overwhelmed, you can’t wait to use me. I somehow make you feel better when you give me away or spend me on something. 

It feels really disrespectful and I feel used. I also see that you have no real place to keep me that is smart. You did once put me into gold and silver and locked me into a safety deposit box. That was kind of interesting. But I didn’t really increase in value. I was just there until you decided to turn me into a car.

Can we just sit down together and just get to know each other?

Thank you, 

Your money.

Lesson 2: What is Enough... by Lynne Twist

Lesson 3: What Are Your Top 5 Values?

To get really clear on your top 5 values, download the attached PDF and take some time to really tap into your unique CORE VALUES. You can also do this exercise with just a blank piece of paper. Scroll through the PDF below and write down the words that your resonate with.

Language is important and each word resonates differently with different people.

I highly recommend this process.

However, if you want to do an online test you can use the link below. It's limited to certain language choices but it's better than nothing.

Do both tests and see what you get.

Take the Test


Values Assessment.pdf

 Lesson 4: Are You In Alignment?

Pull out your Top Ten and let's see if your values and your dreams are connected.

Lesson 5: Rewire Your Money Beliefs

Here is a PDF with positive money beliefs that you can borrow, bend and be inspired by.

Money Beliefs.pdf

Lesson 6: Financial Literacy School (Enriched Academy Module 2)

Login to the Financial Literacy School and watch Module 2.

Take out your credit card statements.​ Have you looked at how much interest you pay?

Do you have other kinds of debt?​ Find the statements for them - i.e. student loans, lines of credit, car loans, mortgages.

What are your interest rates? Write down the % of each interest rate on each debt.

Lesson 7: Hypnotherapy: Rewire Your Money Beliefs

This Hypno session is a powerful way to rewire your self-talk into positive beliefs about money. It will invite you into new ways to receive and interact with the money and wealth in your life.


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